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 Your first e-Commerce shop with Big Commerce

Have you decided to go with Big Commerce? Great, it is rated as one of the absolute best shopping carts around and is used by both small, medium and large retailers. Over 50 000 shops and counting – more than £2 billion in sales.

Help to transfer your old e-commerce site to Big Commerce

If you already sell online and have decided to transfer your existing shop to Big Commerce, then I can help you with that too. You might need help to move products, implement your design in Big Commerce or making changes to the layouts used by Big Commerce.


Add new design template to your Big Commerce shop

Not happy with your design? I can help you change your design – completely new or refreshed – and it will of course be mobile responsive.

 Custom Big Commerce templates

Sometimes the default layout simply doesn’t work. When that happens, it is time to change a few things under the hood.

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Maintaining your Big Commerce shop

Need help maintaining your Big Commerce shop? Pay an hourly rate or get the best deal by signing up for a monthly contract!

Did you know that Big Commerce:

Integrates with everything

Big Commerce integrates with your selected courier, payment gateway and accounting software to ensure that you can spend time promoting your business.

Requires no web hosting

Because Big Commerce is a hosted (some call it Software as a Service or Cloud based) service it means that you only have one monthly fee to pay and you can say good bye to your web hosting company. Your monthly subscription also includes shopping cart upgrades which means that your running costs are low.

Is up running in minutes

Well..perhaps a couple of hours – but the point being that it is really that quick.

We are very pleased with our website set up and the continuing help and advice we receive from Olango Web Media. As a selling site we want to increase our exposure as much as possible to increase sales and our agreement with Olango, tailored to our company needs for help with optimisation and advice on keeping our web site fresh is moving us steadily towards our goals. All at a sensible price! We have had plenty of compliments from our customers about how the website looks and how easy it is to use. Highly recommended!

— Jackie - Director, Kiwikit Ltd

Olango Web Media designed and is hosting my web site which has been a huge success for me and my small rural enterprise. I know this because I have constant feedback from my customers and others about how good it looks and how simple it is to navigate. I am hopeless with technology but Olango has patiently taught me how to update my site in many aspects myself and where I am unable to carry out updates has willingly and swiftly done it for me. Listening to my colleagues with other similar businesses, Olango Web Media is exceptionally good value too.

— Penny Thompson, Lyme Cottage Industries


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Big Commerce, Mobile Responsive, Search Engine Marketing


Big Commerce, Mobile Responsive, Search Engine Marketing
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Big Commerce, Mobile Responsive, Search Engine Marketing

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